Visualization startup Datahero opens its doors and delivers data analysis for the masses


When I first met Datahero Co-founder Chris Neumann a year ago, I was pretty excited about what he claimed his new company was going to do. Essentially, he told me, it was going to offer a simple, cloud-based data analysis and visualization service that anyone could use. About a month later, in late May, I got a demo of a very-early-stage Datahero and was impressed with the vision. On Tuesday, the company is officially opening its service to a public beta, and the more-finished product still strikes the right chord.

Before evaluating Datahero, though, it’s important to know what it’s not. Namely: it’s not enterprise software, it’s not even business intelligence software and it’s not designed for people who hope to run complex analyses. Neumann nicely summed up what Datahero is during a recent call: “We’re gonna make it usable by the masses,” he said, which means there are going…

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