Blab predicts what people will tweet, blog and report on


It’s one thing to monitor social statements on Twitter and other social networks as they happen. It’s another thing to predict what will happen over the next three days.

Blab, a Seattle-based company, has emerged with a tool that lets companies do just that, with visualizations of where conversations will pop up from more than 50,000 sources, including Facebook, (s fb) Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube (s goog), blogs and news outlets. It does this by paying close attention to where a conversation is now and then predicting based on what other conversations it could look like. For example, if people started talking about a previous Amazon (s amzn) Web Services outage on Twitter and then the conversation moved to blogs and then to mainstream media outlets, that same pattern could happen in the case of another AWS outage. That’s why measuring the trajectory of each conversation and storing it for…

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