Data Animator

David Patton posed a question on the Google+ group Data Data Data yesterday, asking:

For software developers wishing to work in Big Data, what do you think are the most important technical skills or certifications to have?

I responded with:

Technical skills? Any, non-issue.

People skills: storytelling, visualisation, rhetoric.

Business skills: understanding, patience, domain knowledge

which resulted in David asking me to expand on my response, so here goes…

Technical Skills

These come and go – there is always a new technology / approach / technique that we can throw ourselves into. Expanding one’s horizons technically is almost always useful – it helps evolve the way we think about problems, how we attempt to solve them, and consolidates our core skills – but a list of specific technical skills would is almost endless. Besides, a fool with a tool is still a fool – there is danger of amassing…

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