A bit about Mixture of Experts

I know it was about time I resumed posting about machine learning and some methods. I apologize for that, but now, we’re ready again! I was required to review a basic ML method for regression, Mixture of Experts. This method acquired a lot of attention since it was proposed in 1991, and all kinds of variants have appeared since.

Without much delay, at the bottom of the post you can find a link to the slides, and you are very welcome to point out any mistakes that could arise. Please, take into account the slides are only to arise more questions in the audience, so please, feel free to ask any questions you might have about them.

Thanks for spending some minutes over this post!


Mixtures of Experts for Apes

P.S.: Special attention to Göker Erdogan for his posts on the matter, which clearly insipirate these posts! Please, pay a visit to his blog!


In part because individual judgement is not accurate enough or consistent enough, cognitive diversity is essential to good decision making.

James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds


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